Happy New Year!

2021 finally arrived with exciting challenges and new opportunities. Our team at Evergreen College would like to wish you all a year full of great experiences ahead.


If your students happen to miss our January intake, don’t worry! With our flexible schedules and intakes, there are definitely other more suitable intakes in March or May 2020 waiting for them. The summer is the best time of the year in Canada indeed due to the beautiful weather. Feel free to talk with our counselor and we will help you find the best intake for you.


Furthermore, if your students have already received a Letter of Acceptance from us and could not come to study in January due to late visa arrival or other personal issues, you could also just send us an email request and we will send you with an updated offer letter as soon as we can.


Finally, we would like to celebrate the New Year with this brand new Spring Scholarship program. This is the generous gift from our team to all dedicated students.


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