We are truly grateful for your continuous interest and support to Evergreen College. At first, we were worried that the pandemic would affect our students’ journeys with us. However, now we are proud to say that we are coming out of it, feeling even stronger and more equipped with the interactive classes and our resilient professors and students. With the very first people got vaccinated a few days ago, we trust soon everything will be back normal for everyone.


Throughout this few months, we have witnessed an impressive number of applications coming from agents all over the world including yours. We deeply appreciate your partnerships and warmly welcome our new students. As the deadline of the 2020 Scholarship is coming up soon, if you are currently in the process of preparing documents for your students, feel free to speed up and send us their applications to secure our generous scholarships for your students. The program will officially be closed on December 31, 2020. All applications received after that date will be applied the standard tuition and fees.


In the meantime, if there is anything else that we could support you and your students with, please do not hesitate to ask and we will try our best to accommodate it. We are always just one email or one text away.


We look forward to welcoming you at Evergreen College!
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