CPI Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training

  • Program Accreditation: Certificate
  • 2 days – Total hours: 16
  • Program Overview

    Our instructors are trained in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® by the Crisis Prevention Institute
    With a focus on prevention, this core training program equips staff and students with proven strategies for safely diffusing de-escalation of risk behaviours or even disruptive behaviours. It’s been setting the standard for crisis prevention and intervention training for over 35 years. Reduce the risk of injury. Our staff and students learn how to.
    • Comply with legislative mandates.
    • Meet regulatory/accreditation standards.
    • Improve staff retention.
    • Minimize exposure to liability.
    • Promote Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM.

First Day Seminar

Participants learn to organize their thinking about how behavior escalates and how to respond appropriately during moments of stressful or difficult situations or events.

Second Day Foundation Course

Builds on content from the Day One Seminar by reinforcing preventive techniques and practicing a progression of non-harmful disengagement skills and holding skills.

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