Business in the Digital Era

  • Program Accreditation: Post Graduate Diploma Program
  • 49 weeks – Total hours: 980
  • Theory: 780 hours – Internship: 200 hours

Program Overview

The Business in a Digital Era Post-Graduate program is a unique and advanced course designed to conceptualize business concepts in today’s global digital age. This course strives to prepare students for the challenges of the modern corporate world so that they will become successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.
Students will learn key concepts related to business strategy, finance, human resources management, marketing and operations with a focus on digital trends like e-commerce and big data analytics to forecast and understand business trends, digital marketing and recruitment.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will be prepared for occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations, which are typically employed by consulting firms, advertising agencies, corporations, associations, government, social agencies, museums, galleries, public interest groups, and cultural and other organizations, or they may be self-employed. Agents such as entertainment, literary and sports agents are included in this unit group.

Admission Requirements

  • The student must have previous diploma or degree in business, marketing, public relations, communications, journalism or a discipline related to a particular subject matter.
  • English proficiency requirement for international students.

Graduation Requirements

To successfully meet the program outcomes the student must:

  • Achieve a minimum mark of 65% in all of the module assignments and exams
  • Achieve a satisfactory rating in the internship evaluation

What You Will Learn

The course consists of 20 modules. These modules are covered in the classroom and the internship.

  • Study skills: critical thinking, writing and research basics
  • Financial analysis and control
  • Organizational behaviour
  • Supply chain optimization & management
  • Operations management
  • Financial management
  • Human resources management & Digital recruitment strategy
  • Strategic management
  • Marketing management
  • International business
  • Business Economics
  • Business statistics
  • Business plan
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Big data analytics in business
  • E- commerce
  • Strategic Web Design
  • Business project/dissertation
  • Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Internship: The Business in a Digital Era students complete their education with 200 hours of internship practical work experience.


The Business in the Digital Era Program is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

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