At Evergreen College, our programs are taught by industry professionals who know what success looks like. The knowledge and skills they bring to Evergreen, our focus is on career success.

Hire an Evergreen College Student

We expect the same professional, employable skills of our students that their future employers will. This gets students job ready as they learn to apply critical thinking, leadership, problem solving and other soft skills in the classroom and beyond. The classroom is real-world experience. Students are coached daily on employment success behaviours, and they come to class ready to work.

Part-time job opportunities are available for students on-campus in the fields of Admissions, Marketing and Administration. By going through a real-world job application and interview process, students are able to put into practice the career skills learned in the classroom. Through on-campus employment, students are also able to gain additional work experience and enhance their skills. Both of which will make them more employable upon graduation.

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