Ontario is a safe, multicultural, innovative and inclusive province with some of the most stunning scenery in the world. It is also a thriving hub for technology, finance, healthcare and services industries.

Enjoy four seasons of fun in Toronto


With a campus located in the heart of Toronto, students at Evergreen College are always enjoying the sights and sounds of the big city. Toronto and its neighbouring communities (where Evergreen has additional campuses) are truly four-seasons destinations that promise attractions for everyone all year round. From art galleries to museums, sports, concerts and more, students find that there is no shortage of entertainment options for them to enjoy.

Enjoy the sights of spring


After hibernating for the winter, spring can be a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the city sights. What better way to see the city than from afar at the Toronto Islands. A short, scenic ferry trip will take you across to the islands where you can view the city’s stunning skyline. There are several bike and running paths on the island, along with beaches for warmer weather, picnic areas, and boat and bicycle rentals.

Soak up the sweet sounds of summer


When the sweet breeze of summer blows off Lake Ontario, it carries with it the sounds of the season. Several music festivals heat up Toronto’s summer months including jazz music and Caribbean vibes. The city is also home to several arenas, music halls and venues that play host to a whole host of concerts for you to enjoy. Several food festivals are also a way to celebrate the city’s cultural diversity including Greek cuisine, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Spanish and several more.

Fall in love with the big city


What better way to kick off the autumn season than with a fall. Heart-pumping attractions are a perfect way to embrace the city’s cooler temperatures, and Toronto has no shortage of adrenaline. From Canada’s Wonderland to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) and even an Edge Walk at the CN Tower, you can certainly get your fill of excitement in the city.

For a taste of fall, you can enjoy fresh foods and produce at markets throughout the city. From Kensignton Market to St. Lawrence and more, local producers and farmers set up shop throughout the season to bring you the hometown flavours of fall.

Embrace a winter wonderland


When the temperatures take a dive, many students prefer indoor entertainment options. The city’s historical sites, museums and art galleries can provide a perfect afternoon getaway where you can soak up the city’s rich heritage. You can also warm up and refuel at one of hundreds of cafes and coffee shops located on almost every corner. With the holidays near at this time of year, there is also no shortage of festive events and attractions to celebrate. From fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve to Christmas festival, students are sure to enjoy a joyous holiday season at every turn. Students at Evergreen College love studying in a big city that has so much excitement to offer.

Perfect Attendance Award


The first step to success is showing up, and the Evergreen College Perfect Attendance Award is proof of that. The faculty at Evergreen award one student per year with the Perfect Attendance Award. It’s the perfect way to acknowledge an Evergreen student’s basic but essential effort to simply be present and devote the time and hard work required to achieve their academic and career goals.

Leadership Award


The Leadership Award is presented to an individual that shows initiative and is an active mentor in their community. In 2018, the Leadership Award recipient is Mochamad Hartono.

IT Specialist Award


The IT Specialist Award is presented to the individual who demonstrates exceptional abilities in information technology and is a student in the Computer System and Network Specialist program. In 2018, the IT Specialist Award recipient is Juan Antonio Munoz Murrieta.

Get Involved

Peer Tutoring


The Peer Tutoring Program is a free, one-on-one academic support service available to Evergreen College students. Students with prior education or expertise in a select program area are matched with those who may require additional learning assistance. With peer tutoring, students are able to reach their academic goals through a better understanding of course material. The program operates on a volunteer basis and according to the independent schedules of both the tutor and the student. Tutors are recognized for their leadership with a certificate from the College.

Evergreen Alumni


Upon graduation, Evergreen College students are automatically registered with the Evergreen Roots Alumni Association (ERAA). ERAA offers Employment Workshops to members, which gives alumni a competitive edge for their job search. ERAA also supports graduates by providing access to the Alumni Directory. This resource gives students the opportunity to share information about themselves, and connect with others who have similar interests or may have been in the same class. It encourages alumni to strengthen and develop their networks as they enter the workforce

Off Campus Activities


At Evergreen College, we believe that learning extends beyond the classroom. Off-campus activities help students to connect the theory and practical knowledge they’ve acquired in the classroom to the workforce. Through site visits, volunteer initiatives and other activities, students are able to get a taste of working in their field. As they visit different organizations, they learn about the history of the industry, gain insight into current market conditions and obtain hands-on experience. Coupled with their classroom curriculum, these activities enhance their career-readiness in order to prepare them for graduation and entering the workforce.

Career Services


With you from day one, Career Services is on hand to help students get acquainted with College life. Orientation activities and workshops introduce all the staff, services, and facilities at the students’ disposal, as well as acquaint students with the Evergreen College’s culture of excellence.



Evergreen College adheres to the Health and Safety Act and Private Career Colleges Act. As an Evergreen College student you’ll have easy access to information on WHMIS Training, fire safety, accessibility training, harassment and discrimination policies, and more, as well as useful resources including policies, procedures, and emergency contacts.

Working on Campus


Part-time job opportunities are available for students on-campus in the fields of Admissions, Marketing and Administration. By going through a real-world job application and interview process, students are able to put into practise the career skills learned in the classroom. Through on-campus employment, students are also able to gain additional work experience and enhance their skills. Both of which will make them more employable upon graduation.

Graduation Ceremony


Every September, our graduating class comes together with their family, friends and faculty to celebrate academic success. At Evergreen College, we stand proudly behind our graduates knowing that they’re career ready. Our annual graduation ceremony presents an opportunity to celebrate this accomplishment, among the many other achievements of Evergreen graduates

Fundraising for Charities


Giving back to our communities is at the heart of Evergreen College’s values. Along with faculty support, students are encouraged to assist in the planning and execution of regular fundraising events in their local communities. From event planning to marketing and public relations, students are able to apply many in-demand skills through their fundraising efforts, as well as build upon their growing networks

Special Events Committee


To create a sense of community at each campus, Evergreen College hosts monthly events for its students, staff and faculty. Events often focus on fundraising for local charities, creating a sense of community among students, and celebrating the diversity of cultures and backgrounds that our College represents.

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