Charlotte Iradukunda – Personal Support Worker Program

On my first day at Evergreen College, I came for Orientation. There was a lot of information that time to take in, and I was scared that I would be able to fulfill this because at that time I was new in Canada. A lot was still confusing, but after I started my program and started experiencing it, I actually enjoyed it. Since it was related to my career background, it made it even easier and after I started my placement, it became even more fun and getting to practice what I studied. Now, I have come to understand more and enjoy the course I was taking. I can finally say that it was worth the sleepless nights and hard work that I put into finishing this course; even though it is not long, I was able to experience a lot in one year, and finally, I made it till now. I am so grateful and can’t wait for the future for me. I thank God for making me come this far. Thank you, Evergreen.

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