Evergreen College Toronto Campus has introduced a Peer Tutor program in 2017. Exceptional students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership and professionalism are eligible to join our Peer Tutor team. They may volunteer for consideration by their instructor, be nominated by a classmate, or invited by a staff member of the college.

Their area(s) of expertise may be transferrable for programs other than their own (for example Anatomy or Computer skills) and they are also invited to share their languages on the application form, which may assist an ESL student.

A Peer Tutor can work individually or with a group, and may be assigned a leadership role in classroom projects to assist the instructor. They are awarded a certificate and the privilege of including it on their resume.

Maria Angel Costa demonstrated outstanding work ethic in her MOA studies, and assisted a classmate without being asked. Her professionalism and academic success resulted in Angel becoming Evergreen College’s first Peer Tutor. She has since started her internship at Mount Sinai Hospital, and they have indicated that they are considering her for employment upon graduation!

We now have two Peer Tutors, and we look forward to signing up many more in the future!
“To come to Evergreen College, especially the Medical Office Administrator Diploma Program is very informative and prepares you for the field”

Angel Costa, Medical Office Administrator Diploma

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