Jeanelyn Paran – Personal Support Worker Program

My name is Jeanelyn Paran. I was born in the Philippines and lived in Milan, Italy, before coming to Canada as an International Student in October 2021.

I enrolled at Evergreen College, took the Personal Support Worker Program and graduated in December 2022. The whole program was very memorable for me. I am very grateful that I chose Evergreen College, our teachers were great, and the staff was very accommodating.

Meeting new friends was the best thing that happened to me at Evergreen. I met my awesome classmates from different parts of the world! We became close to one another, became friends, and supported and helped each other to finish our studies. I learned to appreciate cultural diversity.

I am currently employed as a certified Personal Support Worker here in Mississauga. Things I learned from my teacher in class, from the books and lectures that she taught, from personal experiences she shared with us and putting them into practice during our placement was very challenging at first. But through the guidance of our clinical placement supervisor, through the help of my very kind and passionate preceptor who taught me a lot of things, through the support of my friend and family and of course through God’s help and mercy, I finished my placement successfully with flying colors at The Kensington Gardens.

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