Ngodup of the Medical Office Administrator Diploma Program is eager to start her internship and we asked her some questions about her program.

Why did you choose Evergreen College?

“I choose Evergreen College because the college is career focused and the classes are smaller compared to other colleges.”

What did you like about your Diploma Program?

“The professors and staff are very encouraging. The program was very educative and I’ve learnt a lot.”

What advice would you give a person who is thinking about studying in Evergreen College?
“Definitely consider Evergreen College for further studies or a career change.”

Internship is a program module and an extension of the classroom. It is an opportunity for a student to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the course, gain experience, and network for their future career. Internship host companies view interns as prospective candidates for employment.

We assist students to find a suitable internship host, and we are available to support them throughout their internships and post-graduation.

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