Academic Preparation Course

  • Program Accreditation: Certificate
  • 4 weeks – Total hours: 80

Program Summary

The Evergreen College Academic Preparation Course (APC) aims to prepare the student for success in their diploma program, academically and to develop an understanding of business culture in North America.
This enables the student to prepare themselves for academic content pursuit and prepare them to be successful in their job and workplace.


The Program instructs students academically by developing skills in; Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Business topics address the importance of Punctuality and Attendance in the workplace as well as topics under the headings of; Resumes, Ethics, Relationship Building and Career Success.

Course Outline

The course duration is four (4) weeks. Weekly modules are: Resumes, Ethics, Relationship Building, and Career Success. Weekly assessment is based on; Assignments, a Major Deliverable, Group Work, Attendance, Punctuality, and Participation.

  • Students must achieve an attendance standard of 85%.
  • Submission of weekly assignments.
  • Active participation in all classes.

Weekly Topics:

Week 1- Resumes

  • Interviews
  • Job Search
  • Recruiting Process

Week 2-Ethics

  • Presentation Skills
  • Research
  • Corporate Culture

Week 3- Relationship Building

  • Networking
  • Understanding Diagrams
  • LinkedIn
  • Communication

Week 4- Career Success

  • Meetings
  • Corporate Structure s
  • Official/Work Politics

Sample Course Tasks:

  • Participated in topic discussion
  • Work in groups or pairs
  • Prepare a resume
  • Setup a LinkedIn Profile
  • Analyse a Job Description
  • Research a Company
  • Perform a Presentation on Ethics
  • Participate in mingling exercises
  • Prepare and Participate in in the 30 seconds commercial
  • Complete a Communication Style Assessment
  • Complete Reading Comprehension Assignments
  • Follow Directions as given
  • Conduct a Job Search
  • Engage in small talk
  • Take notes as required
  • Prepare Interviews Questions & Answers
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