Customer Service Specialist

  • Program Accreditation: Diploma
  • 55 weeks – Total hours: 1,040
  • Theory: 560 hours – Internship: 480 hours

Program Overview

If you enjoy working with people and are an exceptional problem-solver, put your skills into action as a Customer Service Specialist. As the first point of contact for many organizations, this program will prepare you to become a knowledgeable, capable and enthusiastic customer service professional. You’ll learn to provide service and support that is reliable, responsive and empathetic while satisfying customer needs and enhancing business relations.

Career Opportunities

Customer Service Specialists are employed in a wide range of industries where customer service plays a vital role in operations. Graduates of this program are equipped with a strong foundation in business and client support, and are employed in number of careers, including client management, customer relations, various support services and more.

Admission Requirements

An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent; or be at least 18 years of age or older and pass an entry test. In addition, any international student application with no Proof of English Proficiency or who does not meet the English Proficiency requirement must first enroll in the English Preparation Program (EPP) before starting the diploma program.

Graduation Requirements

To successfully meet the program outcomes the student must:

  • Achieve a minimum mark of 65% in all of the module assignments and exams
  • Achieve a satisfactory rating in the internship evaluation

What You Will Learn

The course consists of 14 modules. These modules are covered in the classroom and the internship.

  • Projecting a Positive Image
  • Managing Workload Productivity
  • Developing Customer Relationships
  • Health & Safety and Special Needs Considerations
  • Internal Relations
  • Setting up the Computer
  • Using Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Publisher
  • Using Microsoft Office Excel and Access
  • Other Software Applications and Business Machines
  • Direct Customer Service Support, Selling and Customer Retention
  • Employment Readiness Workshops
  • Trade Shows and Events
  • Workshops, Seminars and Social Events
  • Internship: The Customer Service Specialist students complete their education with 480 hours of internship experience.
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