English Preparation Program

  • Program Accreditation: Certificate
  • 12 weeks – Total hours: 240

Program Overview

Students who advance and improve their English language skills prior to commencing their studies are able to thrive in the professional diploma programs offered at Evergreen College. That’s why we created the English Preparation Program (EPP), which supports the learning needs of intermediate-level students of English. The course curriculum focuses on advanced English speaking, listening, reading and writing so that students can succeed in their professional goals. The course materials also incorporate the demands of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to allow students to achieve certification in an internationally recognized system.


Students will be instructed on the necessary English language skills for career advancement. Course topics will include formal writing, proper grammar structure, exposure to North American business norms, and colloquial and informal conversation. Students will actively participate in a learning environment designed for instant feedback and continued improvement.

Graduation Requirements

  • Students must achieve an attendance standard of 85%
  • Submission of weekly assignments
  • Achieving a passing grade of 310 or more on the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (BST)
  • Possess a General English Diploma (GED) Level 12 or higher

Course Outline

The EPP curriculum consists of 12 weeks with 12 independent units. Each unit incorporates English speaking, listening, reading and writing in the classroom exercises, and culminates in a weekly presentation or assessment of the practiced skills.

Weekly themes include:

  • Listening and recording information on the phone and in meetings.
  • Writing and asking for assistance from authorities.
  • Reading and understanding documents and articles.
  • Speaking in pairs and related information.

Sample Course Tasks


  • Sentence Completion
  • Map and Diagram Labelling
  • Relating Times, Dates and Numbers
  • Table and Flow-Chart Completion

Academic Reading:

  • Identifying Information
  • Matching Visual Aids and Information
  • Collocations in Modern Usage
  • Matching Ideas and Features

Academic Writing:

  • Interpreting Bar Charts
  • Understanding Diagrams
  • Discussion and Opinion Essay
  • Agreeing and Disagreeing Essay


  • Two-Way Discussions
  • Introductions and Interviews
  • Individual Long-Term Speaking
  • Formal and Informal Business Discourse


  • Using Future Tenses
  • Identifying Past Simple versus Present-Perfect Tenses
  • Modal Verb Usage
  • Passive and Active Verb Usages
  • Proper Word Declension and Placement
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