Hospitality Management

  • Program Accreditation: Diploma
  • 82 weeks – Total hours: 1,640
  • Theory: 820 hours – Internship: 820 hours

Program Overview

Open the door to an exciting career in hotels, resorts, restaurants and more. The Hospitality Management Diploma Program will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to fulfill leadership roles that center on providing exceptional guest experiences. You will learn a combination of management strategies focused on developing your service skills, leadership capabilities, guest interactions, communication and hospitality science.

Career Opportunities

Imagine a career that welcomes you to work at luxury hotel, resort, restaurant, tourist attraction, club, cruise line and so much more. Graduates of this program are prepared to hold supervisory roles within the hospitality industry where they plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate operations. The growing hospitality industry continues to see a demand for high-skilled, people-oriented professionals.

Admission Requirements

  • An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent; or be at least 18 years of age or older and pass an entry test.
  • English proficiency requirement for international students.

Graduation Requirements

To successfully meet the program outcomes the student must:

  • Achieve a minimum mark of 65% in all of the module assignments and exams
  • Achieve a satisfactory rating in the internship evaluation

What You Will Learn

The course consists of 17 modules. These modules are covered in the classroom and the internship.

    • Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
    • Managing Front Office Operations
    • Managing Housekeeping Operations
    • OPERA (Property Management System)
    • Advanced OPERA (Property Management System)
    • Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations
    • Management of Food and Beverage Operations
    • POS (Food & Beverage point of sale)
    • Advanced (Food & Beverage Point of Sale)
    • Supervision in the Hospitality Industry 
    • Hotel and Restaurant Accounting
    • Hospitality Sales and Marketing
    • Security and Loss Prevention Management
    • Managing Hospitality Human Resources
    • Leadership and management in the hospitality industries
    • Hospitality Facilities Management and Design
    • Internship: The Hospitality Operations students complete their education with 820 hours of internship experience.


The Hospitality Management Program is approved as a vocational program under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005.

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