Pharmacy Assistant

  • Program Accreditation: Diploma
  • 43 weeks – Total hours: 900
  • Theory: 800 hours – Internship 100 hours

Program Overview

If you’re interested in pursuing a people-focused career in health care, the Pharmacy Assistant Diploma Program will prepare you for an entry-level position in both retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. The course curriculum will cover the educational elements required for employment, including prescription processing, pharmacy software, compounding techniques, inventory management, record-keeping, billing, legislative requirements and communications.

Career Opportunities

Program graduations will be prepared for entry-level positions as members of interdependent healthcare teams. Typically, Pharmacy Assistants are employed in a range of pharmacy environments including communities, hospitals and other institutions, along with patient education positions. Graduates may also find employment in the pharmaceutical industry.

Admission Requirements

  • An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent; or be at least 18 years of age or older and pass an entry test.
  • English proficiency requirement for international students.

Internship Requirements

  • Current vaccinations and negative TB test.

Graduation Requirements

To successfully meet the program outcomes the student must:

  • Achieve a minimum mark of 65% in all of the module assignments and exams
  • Achieve a satisfactory rating in the internship evaluation

What You Will Learn

The Course consists of 14 modules. These modules are covered in the classroom.

  • Community Pharmacy Practice
  • Pharmaceutical Fundamentals
  • Anatomy and Body Systems
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmaceutical Calculations
  • Legislation and Jurisprudence
  • Computers in Pharmacy
  • Compounding
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Aseptic Technique/Sterile Products
  • Interpersonal/Communication skills
  • Diabetic and Medical Devices
  • Pharmacy Technician Exam Review
  • Internship: The Pharmacy Assistant students complete their education with 100 hours of internship experience.


The Pharmacy Assistant Program is approved as a vocational program under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005.

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