We at Evergreen College always strive to bring the most updated information about the current situation in Canada as well as the best pathways for you to establish your academic life and your careers later here in Canada. The pandemic won’t be able to weaken us. In fact, it has helped to strengthen our online presence and communication more than ever.


Recently, we have successfully hosted a webinar together with our beloved agent – Brillante Travel Services as our co-host for our brilliant Filipino students! The webinar lasted for about 1.5 hour and attracted a large number of students interested in studying with us in various fields. In this webinar, we provided them an overview of the education system in Canada as well as an update to what Evergreen College has to offer to help you thrive in Canada, especially during this time. Towards the end, there was a Q&A session that was bloomed with interactive questions and answers from students and our Academic Director & CEO.


The testimonial from Brillante Travel Services:


Amidst Covid19 crisis, Filipinos are so positive building their dreams into reality. Canada is always on the top of the list of every student as their Study Destination…excited to experience quality education and training bonded with qualified teachers and internships. Not to mention how great environment Toronto has to offer with their top-notch learning and utmost health system. Thank you very much for making our webinar successful despite of our weak wifi connection… We really appreciate your presence. You are so amazing and very supportive to our clients’ questions.


If you would like to host a webinar together with us, feel free to talk with one of our dedicated counsellors TODAY to set it up. Let’s make more Canadian dreams come true!


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