Canada has seen a significant increase in non-resident visitors over the past few months. In July 2023, Canada welcomed a staggering 4 million visitors, a rise from the 1.38 million recorded in March of the same year. Of these July visitors, 867,659 hailed from countries other than the United States, highlighting Canada’s growing appeal as a global destination.


Adding another layer, the 2021 Census revealed that non-permanent residents (NPRs) accounted for 2.5% of Canada’s total enumerated population, totalling approximately 924,850 individuals. The attributes of these NPRs offer a closer look into their integration and contribution to Canadian society.


A significant proportion of them, precisely 79.9%, were in the core working age bracket of 25 to 54 years. This group also demonstrated a robust labour force participation rate of 88.0%. A comparison with the general Canadian populace indicates that NPRs tend to be younger. About 60% were aged between 20 and 34, compared to the 18.4% in the same age bracket for the rest of the Canadian population.


Canada’s open doors and welcoming spirit remain its strength– creating avenues for shared experiences, growth, and mutual enrichment. Evergreen College acknowledges the evolving dynamics of Canada’s population. As our nation becomes more diverse, institutions like ours stand ready to cater to every individual’s unique needs and aspirations, whether a local student or an international visitor. Stay curious and inspired!


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