Canada has been struggling with inflation following the pandemic, and the government says there is a risk of a recession in 2023.


Postsecondary students are likely to have less purchasing power this year due to rising rent, food and tuition costs.


Canadians between 2021-2022 saw the fastest increase in food and rent prices since the 1980s. During times like these, it is essential to spend money wisely.


Tuition fees are an important consideration when preparing for your academic future. Studying at a more affordable college can allow students to put what they save toward their living expenses.


For qualified students, Better Jobs Ontario can provide up to $28,000 funding for tuition, books, transportation and other costs, with a basic living allowance of up to $500 per week.


Please visit the Better Jobs Ontario website to find more information:


Contact our admissions counsellor with your educational background and program of interest, and they will help you through the process. Let’s turn your career goals into reality!

Please call us at 4163650505 or visit our website at and fill out the request form to enroll now!


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