Among the G7 nations, Canada is leading in higher education. Statistics Canada reveals that 57% of Canada’s working population (25 – 64) has a college or university credential. This makes Canada the top G7 country regarding academic achievements.


Canadians place importance on pursuing education, with a significant proportion of the working-age population (24%) holding college certificates, diplomas, or degrees. Furthermore, the international student population continues to grow. The data reveals a significant increase, from 350,000 international students in 2015 to 620,000 in 2021. Most of them immigrate to Canada upon completion and form a large part of the labour force.


More than one-third of immigrants enrolled in post-secondary education in Canada possess bachelor’s degrees or higher qualifications from their home countries. These programs allow immigrants to supplement their degrees and integrate into the Canadian job market.


The success of Canada’s approach is particularly evident in the health-care sector. In 2020 and 2021, more than 75% of individuals who obtained degrees in the sector actively worked in health care professions. This includes 82% of Canadians with health-care degrees and 63% of those who acquired them abroad.


Evergreen College is proud to be a part of Canada’s growing higher education system. Our programs are structured to meet the evolving requirements of the job market to ensure we produce highly trained personnel. We welcome students worldwide, supporting their journey to become integral parts of Canada.


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