Canada’s accounting sector has emerged as a powerhouse in a rapidly evolving economic landscape, marking significant growth in recent years.


Statistics Canada reveals a notable increase in the accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services industries. In 2022, the sector witnessed a 9.9% increase, reaching $26 billion. This growth outpaces the pre-pandemic period and demonstrates a substantial expansion in the industry.


Management consulting services leaped, accounting for 16.0% of total sales in 2022. This figure nearly doubled from its standing in 2013. Meanwhile, tax preparation and representation services emerged as the most significant sales contributors, representing 28.1% of all industry sales.


Ontario continues to be the hub of this financial prosperity, contributing 42.8% of the industry’s revenue, followed by Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta. This distribution highlights the widespread demand for accounting services across Canada.


At Evergreen College, we recognize the opportunity this growth presents for our students. Our Computerized Accounting and Payroll program aligns with industry trends, offering a comprehensive curriculum that includes hands-on internship experience and training in applications such as QuickBooks and Simply Accounting. Our graduates are well-prepared for the practical demands of the accounting world.


Whether our students aim to enter general accounting, payroll, or tax preparation, Evergreen College provides the foundational skills needed to thrive in this expanding field. As the industry continues to evolve, Evergreen College remains committed to equipping its students for success in accounting and finance.


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