According to the latest Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey, the Canadian job market is on an exciting upward trajectory, with specific sectors lighting the way. The nation witnessed a 60,000 employment boost, a commendable 0.3% hike in the employment rate. This surge is attributed mainly to a significant uptick in full-time positions, swelled by 110,000, marking a 0.7% increment.


The industries at the forefront of this employment growth become evident. The wholesale and retail trade sectors saw a considerable bump, with an additional 33,000 jobs. Following this was the manufacturing sector, with 27,000 new positions emerging. It’s been on a steady incline, building on a 13,000 job gain witnessed in May, making it the industry’s most prominent monthly growth. Manufacturing has impressively upped its employment by 2.7%, translating to 49,000 new roles.


Among these promising numbers, the health care and social assistance sector deserves a nod. After a relatively flat three-month period, June brought a fresh wind, adding 21,000 new roles, a 0.8% rise. Despite most sectors seeing a dip in job vacancies, this sector remains undeterred, hovering around record highs. This resilience has culminated in a year-over-year job increase of 65,000, an uplifting 2.5% surge, with total work hours growing by 2.3%.


As these sectors pave the way, institutions like Evergreen College remain committed to preparing the next wave of professionals aligned with the market’s demands. The horizon is promising for those entering the workforce in Canada!


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