As you embark on your educational journey in Canada, we want to share some exciting insights that underline the immense potential and value you bring to our nation.


Recently, an economic report from Statistics Canada highlighted a striking trend that reaffirms the significance of international students in Canada’s labour market. Over the years, Canada has seen an uptick in economic immigrants with Canadian study experience before obtaining their permanent residence.


In 2000, only 6% of newly admitted economic principal applicants had previously held study permits. Fast-forward to 2019, this share has swelled to an impressive 38%. This rising trend aligns with the increasing number of international students in Canada and their amplified transition rate to permanent residency.


International students with Canadian education, like many of you, tend to be younger, more educated, proficient in at least one official language, and more likely to have pre-immigration earnings in Canada than those who haven’t studied there. These credentials make you highly desirable in the Canadian labour market. A decade after graduating, those with a Canadian education, like that gained at Evergreen, consistently out earn their counterparts. In the 10 to 11 years after immigration, those with 2 to 5 years of pre-immigration Canadian study earned 9% to 12% more than immigrants without such experience.


As you continue to weave your dreams with the threads of Canadian education,remember, the nation sees you not just as students but as the future. Evergreen College is here to help you along the way!


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