Many of today’s working professionals would argue that education is essential in order to achieve a purposeful career. As someone who comes from a long line of educators, Din Awad, has spent the majority of his working years focused on career-based education. Now, as the President of Evergreen College, he’s gained notable industry recognition for his efforts.
This month, Awad was featured on the cover of the Knowledge Review Magazine as one of Canada’s 10 most influential educational leaders for 2019.
In the article, Awad speaks to how he learned the importance of education at a young age, and how that knowledge has inspired him to devote his career to helping others do the same. Prior to beginning his tenure at Evergreen College, Awad held roles with IBM’s Training Department, and worked in education development in both the public and private sectors in various countries.
Drawing from his own experience, he notes how career success is intrinsically linked to both academics and hands-on skills training. That’s why his goal at Evergreen College is to create an environment where students are provided with unique programs and a curriculum that fuses both theoretical knowledge with practical experience, as delivered by a faculty of seasoned industry professionals.
On behalf of the staff and students at Evergreen College, we congratulate Din on this notable industry recognition, and thank him for his ongoing commitment to inspiring career excellence.
You can read the full article by clicking here.

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