Are you embarking on your academic journey at Evergreen College? Let’s explore the benefits of higher education in Canada and how it can impact your career and earning potential!


Did you know College Diploma holders in Canada earn an average salary of $40,000 two years after graduation? This figure jumps to nearly $60,000 after ten years across various industries, showcasing the positive impact of higher education on income and job opportunities.


About 45.5% of undergraduate degree holders return to full-time schooling within ten years of graduation, and over one in three immigrant college students hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. This highlights the lasting value of higher education in enhancing skills, expanding knowledge, and unlocking career growth.


Join the diverse community at Evergreen College, we strive to deepen our understanding of the Canadian workforce, develop specialized skills, and expand our employment opportunities.


At Evergreen College, we offer various programs to help you excel in your career, from healthcare with our Personal Support Worker and Developmental Support Worker programs to Business Administration and Information Technology. We provide the resources needed to support your goals.


Remember, your educational journey at Evergreen College is an investment in your future success. Let’s work together to build a bright future for you!


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