This spring, Camilo Peron, Evergreen College’s International Admissions Director traveled to Latin America to connect with agents in Brazil who will help us in welcoming even more international students to our campus.
Attending English-speaking post-secondary institutions in Canada has become a preferred option for Brazilian students and professionals who wish to upgrade their language skills and enjoy a multicultural experience.
Besides being more economically friendly when compared to academic destinations in the United States and England, studying in Canada comes complete with a warm reception from our local population, along with hospitable people and welcoming institutions such as Evergreen College.
During this trip, Camilo attended a conference called Information Planet, which takes place once a year. The sessions highlighted details about an exchange agency that offers every essential service in one place for international students, from planning to arrival at the destination.
Over the course of his two weeks abroad, he met with 19 agents during the workshop portion of his travels, and an additional 13 agents after the session.
While some of the agents were familiar with Evergreen College on a basic level, he was able to showcase to them even more details about the college and provided informational documents to them that had been translated into Portuguese.
Currently, Latin America is an important market for Evergreen College because of its size and the number of students who are looking to kick-start their career with a Canadian education and diploma.
Upon returning back to Toronto from Brazil, Camilo is keeping the lines of communication open with the agents in Latin America. The goal is to ensure these agents remember Evergreen College and keep it top of mind when they think about colleges in Canada for their students.
Stay tuned for more exciting news as Evergreen College continues to expand its horizons in order to welcome students from all over the world.

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