As you know, we strive to support you the best, especially during the uncertainty of the pandemic. Regardless of the current situation, we see waves of interest from international agents to send their students to come to study, work and build new lives in Canada. This is due to the fact that we in Canada take pride in providing hands-on, real-world education but we also could not deny that this is also due to the great support our government offers to international students. “Noone is left behind” is their goal and that is our goal too.


With that in mind, we come to the decision to launch a new Fall Scholarship program for international students


to further support you with your Canadian dreams. We are very happy to announce that the scholarship takes effect from September 1st, 2020 until November 30th, 2020!


This is an awesome opportunity to take advantage of the amazing opportunities ahead of you, because the Scholarships are applied fully on the 1st year of Tuition, and make our tuition fees to be about half of the tuition fees of a Public College in Toronto!


In attachment you will see in more detail about how the Scholarships would be applied. Contact us TODAY to learn more and start sending successful applications!

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