Responsible, capable, supportive, Early Childhood Assistants play a pivotal role managing a child’s development by creating a positive environment, training their senses and social skills, and acting as an advocate and resource for both children and parents.


demanding but incredibly rewarding job that requires thorough knowledge and training covering all aspects of a child’s growth!


Evergreen College offers Early Childhood Assistants students an excellent program that will ensure they are ready to excel in the workplace.


The 35-week program provides a comprehensive curriculum and personalized teaching. With flexible class times, morning or evening, students are able to continue working at the same time.


Evergreen College focuses on providing students with all the knowledge and skills in less time.


In Toronto, the average salary for this job is $18 CAD.
Register in our next intake in May 2020 and enjoy a happy study in Canada!


Please contact me to know more about our exclusive spring promotions.


Campus Activity:


Nutrition is a very important aspect when you have children.
Our Early Childhood Assistant program students learned how to build a proper menu for children.


They did their careful research and even prepared food platter demonstrations to share with their classmates and college staff!


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