Evergreen College has campuses across Ontario, with the downtown campus located in the heart of Toronto, making it a perfect place for international students to study and work.


The downtown campus is accessible by public transportation and is close to many businesses. Students will be close to all the local restaurants, museums, events and entertainment to experience everything Toronto offers.


Being in the bustling downtown provides ample opportunities to find an off-campus job and gain valuable experience in the Canadian workforce.


We know it can be challenging to transition to a new city! Evergreen College is committed to providing students with a well-rounded experience and organizes many student activities.


Last month, Evergreen students went on a winter village tour in the distillery district to celebrate the holidays together!


Study at Evergreen and make it a second home in Canada.



Reach out to our admissions team for more information about our campus locations and the programs we offer. We look forwards to seeing you on campus!

Please call us at 4163650505 or visit our website at
evergreencollege.com and fill out the request form to enroll now!


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