This year at Evergreen College marks our 16th anniversary of helping students to achieve career success. But the celebration doesn’t stop here! As our name suggests, we’re continuing to grow so that we can provide our students with even more opportunities to advance their own careers. Here’s a look at how we’re continuing to expand so that you can achieve success not only in the Canadian workforce, but internationally as well.

What started as a small college with only one campus has blossomed into several new locations. Today, we have eight campuses across Ontario, spanning from Oakville in the west, all the way east to Scarborough. Our expansion plans are vast, and we hope to expand beyond Ontario soon. So if there isn’t an Evergreen College campus near you now, there may be one opening soon!

As the workforce continues to evolve and shift, so too will our course offerings. We’re always keen to ensure that the programs we offer align with the current demands of today’s modern labour market. That’s why we continue to add new diploma programs for our prospective students. This year alone, we’ve added several new programs to reflect marketplace needs, including our Business in the Digital Era and Clinical Research programs.

We have a global presence at Evergreen College that’s continuing to expand. We’re always looking to welcome students from all over the world to kick-start their career with a Canadian education and diploma. The staff from Evergreen College are constantly connecting with new international recruiting agents in order to build up this global network even further.

Our commitment to career success extends beyond the classroom into the services and resources that we provide our students. That’s why we’ve started offering extra learning sessions that focus on crisis intervention, a gentle persuasive approach and English preparation for added workplace skills. We also invested heavily in our website this year with a brand new, modern gateway for the college that better serves our students’ needs and provides prospective students with an inside look at what it’s like to be part of the Evergreen College community.

Lastly, with a global presence and strong network of campuses across Ontario, the Evergreen College community is stronger than ever. At each of our campuses, the students and staff are like a family. We offer small, intimate class sizes that enable students to receive individualized attention from their professors, which simply cannot be achieved in larger colleges. We also host regular social events, fundraisers and field trips for our students to ensure the community bond continues to grow.

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