We are pleased to welcome you to Evergreen College! April 18, 2023, marked the start of a new academic year for our campus. Our Academic Director, College Director, and Internship Supervisor provided crucial information to assist new students with their academic studies. Evergreen College prioritizes our students by offering smaller classes and developing solid relationships with our students, which wouldn’t be possible in larger classrooms.


We have designed our programs specifically to help new students. We hold an Orientation Day each month to answer students’ questions and prepare them for the main program. We understand that transitioning to a new academic environment can overwhelm new students.


That’s why we’ve designed our Orientation Day Presentation to cover many essential topics to help students settle in and feel comfortable. We cover transportation, commuting to Toronto, official holidays and how to get hands-on experience through internships and employment opportunities. We prioritize making students feel at home and helping them settle in Canada. We regularly hold special guests for our students’ benefit, such as the recent visit from Royal Bank Canada that provided essential banking skills and knowledge for new students managing finances.


Our student services include connecting students with accommodation and healthcare partners, enrolling students in mandatory tests, and assisting with resume building and job searches. We also offer one-on-one meetings with admission counsellors who can directly connect students with other departments.


Contact us if you are interested in joining the Evergreen community. Our campus is eager to welcome you and provide the support you need to succeed academically and professionally.

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