In the winter, Canada is truly a winter wonderland!


Yes! Canada is the best place to celebrate a winter holiday. It attracts millions of tourists who come to Canada every year. If you have a strong passion for Hospitality and wish to settle in Canada, please put Canada at the top of your list!


There are many provinces where Hospitality is on the list of in-demand jobs.



According to Statistics Canada, Domestic Tourism spending accounted for the vast majority (90.7%) of Tourism revenue. After the pandemic, Canadian employers in accommodation and food service face the highest labor shortage (64.0%).


Food Service Supervisors, Restaurant Managers, Hotel Clerks, Food and Beverage Managers, and Shift Leaders are popular jobs of international students in the Canadian Hospitality industry.


Excellent Curriculum from American Hotel & Lodging Association


Our program follows the industry leader in Hospitality trends and standards, the American Hotel & Lodging Association, to ensure our students get only the latest and best information about changes in the industry.


Students are well prepared for all the examinations and professional certifications required by the Hospitality industry. With appealing immigration programs, Canada is a top country for immigrants who plan to work in Hospitality.


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