With the current pandemic, do your students want to make a major impact on healthcare? Could your student see themselves maintaining the right testing environment that would allow for the development of new, potentially life-saving drugs? If so, your students have the makings of a great Clinical Researcher.


Students will learn how to generate and validate hypothesis; research bibliographic database; design clinical trial study; write clinical trial protocol; collect clinical research data; apply statistical tests for analysis of collected clinical research data; and work with stakeholders including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies; contract research organizations, regulatory agencies; principal investigators; and research institutions.


The Clinical Research postgraduate program at Evergreen College prepares you for a range of exciting professional opportunities. You will develop the concepts, skills, and techniques necessary to succeed in the clinical research field.


With a strong foundation in clinical research fundamentals, and practical experience in the clinical research environment, students will be ready for any number of careers, including jobs in the pharmaceutical industry, contract research organizations, research institutions, regulatory authorities and more.


If your students are interested in learning more about Clinical Research and exploring if this is the right career path for you, please contact us to know more about the details.


Click on the links below to see the latest job postings for the Clinical Researcher:



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