How long have you planned to study in Canada? It is the new year again. It is time to take action and work on your study plan.


  • 20 hours per week

At Evergreen College, most program lecture time is only 20 hours per week. All classes are running in the morning, afternoon and evening. Therefore, you can easily schedule and organize your life more efficiently.


  • Circular Intake vs Semester Intake

Circular Intake: Students can enroll in any modules arranged in a circular way, which means you can be in the same class with students who have finished different modules or on different levels.


Semester Intake: Students must wait for a school to gather a certain number of students to run the class.


  • The advantages of Circular Intake

You can learn from other students who might have finished the other modules before you. You know what to expect when you start the future modules. In addition, you do not have to wait for class compared to the semester organizing.


At Evergreen College, all classes combine 20 hours per week and circular intake.


  • Varied Programs

Healthcare: Personal support worker, Medical Office Administrator, Clinical Research, etc
Hospitality: Hospitality Operations, Food Service Worker, etc
Community Support: Developmental Service Worker, Early Childhood Assistant, Community Service Worker, etc
Business: Computerized Accounting and Payroll, Business Administration in International Trading
Technology: Computer System and Network Specialist, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing, Network Systems Engineer

According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, international students can work unlimited hours from November 15, 2022, to December 31, 2023. With the advantage of 20-hour schedules and flexible intakes, it is never better than now to study abroad in Canada.


The earliest start date is January 15, 2023!


Please call us at 4163650505 or visit our website at and fill out the request form to enroll now!


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