Whether currently employed, or looking to enter into a new company or industry, Evergreen College’s Business Administration in International Trading Program is designed to support your students” career goals in Canada. A comprehensive curriculum aimed at building the solid understanding and skills necessary for success.


The Business Administration and International Trading Program prepares students to advance themselves in any number of jobs or industries that require solid business acumen. This includes but is certainly not limited to government agencies, banks, Import/export companies, or an entrepreneurial venture. Graduates of the program are well positioned to enter and advance in the workforce.


Business Administration and International Trading students will also complete a 200-hour field practicum to test what they will learn in the classroom. Friendly, professional student services are available to help students locate a suitable placement.


In Toronto, the average salary for this job is $15- 17 CAD per hour. Please contact me to know more about our exclusive spring promotions.


Campus Activity:

Learning and practicing!


Our wonderful Alla sends us her greetings during her internship as a Medical Office Administrator! She is getting tons of hands-on experience at her internship site!


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