My name is Meriana N. Matta

I have a diverse education:

In September 2012, I enrolled at Seneca College for Social Services Worker- Immigrant and Refugee Program. I graduated with honors and was on the Dean’s Honour List in December 2014. In January 2015, I received a scholarship to inter Human Rights and Equity Studies (Bachelor of Arts) at York University. I graduated with honors and was on the Dean’s List Magna Cum Laude in October 2018. While studying for my undergrad degree, I realized that my field of education lacked the experiences and perspective of Indigenous People and Migrant and Refugee Issues. I spoke to the Chair of my program, and she was able to recommend Certifications to help further my education. In 2016 I enrolled in 2 Certificate programs- I graduated in October 2018.

1- Certificate in Indigenous Studies 2018

2- Certificate in Migrant and Refugee Studies 2018

In 2019 I enrolled in my Master of Arts- Critical Degree Program (Part-time, and expected in 2024), and Master of Law (Part-time, and expected in 2024).

I have diverse working experience in dental assistance, social services work, developmental disability, community worker, community animation, project leads, project directors, college instructors, and Federal program officers.
I love teaching CSW and DSW and being part of the Evergreen College team. It’s fantastic to guide new students through their academic progress. I have taught my students for almost a year; we walk through the journey from basic computer skills to developmental disabilities and community development. I enhance my teaching with Indigenous theory and Indigenous perspective using the voice of Indigenous scholars and from anti-oppression methods and theories.
It’s a very rewarding experience when graduate students come back and share their experiences of success and reaching their goals.

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