Selecting the right field of study is a crucial step for prospective students. At Evergreen College, we’re here to guide you through this pivotal decision with valuable insights into Ontario’s academic landscape.


In the diverse educational landscape of Ontario, a standout among various major fields is BHASE – Business, Humanities, Arts, Social Science, and Education. Data from Statistics Canada shows these disciplines are the most popular, with many students making them their chosen field of study.


Formal education also plays a significant role in the specialized childcare sector, with 80-85% of professionals holding degrees. Meanwhile, engineering offers flexibility in terms of academic credentials. Half of the professionals hold a diploma, while the other half have a bachelor’s or higher degree. Our comprehensive programs allow you to choose a pathway that best suits your career aspirations.


We understand the importance of selecting the proper discipline in shaping your academic experience and future career trajectory. Our admissions team is ready to provide personalized guidance, helping you align your interests and career goals with the ideal program. We invite you to book one-on-one meetings with our expert admission counsellors to smooth your decision-making process.


At Evergreen College, we aim to equip you with the tools, resources, and support to make informed decisions about your field of interest. Together, we’ll create a fulfilling study-abroad experience in Canada.


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