More than ever, employers are looking for experience as much as they are looking for a qualification. That’s why Evergreen College facilitates internships for nearly all of its students and for most of its programs.


The internships, ranging from 10 to 41 weeks (depending on the course), are a valuable chance for students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom in the real world. Students can gain confidence through their internship by putting their skills to the test


Medical Office Administration students may help maintain real health records, Community Service Workers engage directly with real care patients in their everyday activities and Hospitality students have the opportunity to check in real guests in an upmarket hotel. As well as practicing the hard skills that are vital to their job, students also practice the all-important soft skills such as troubleshooting, working effectively with their co-workers, taking initiative and demonstrating leadership. Hard work can lead to a recommendation or reference from their internship host, which gives students a valuable advantage going in to any future job interview.


The steps towards getting an internship with Evergreen College are straightforward and students are supported along the way. Students meet with Evergreen College’s experienced Internship Coordinator (she has more than 10 years experience!) who will help set them up with one of the many exceptional host institutions available.


Students can graduate with the qualifications and experience they need to gain a head-start in their chosen career. The internship program through Evergreen College really is practical, hands-on learning in and for the working environment of today!


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