Evergreen College offers a comprehensive Developmental Service Worker (DSW) program that prepares students to support individuals with developmental disabilities. DSWs play an essential role in the lives of many people who need specialized care.


Our program differs from other healthcare programs because you will learn how to work with disabled people of different ages. Graduates of our program are well-equipped to handle the workforce, including working in community support services, hospitals, patient homes, and agencies.


Join our program at Evergreen College and gain hands-on experience through our 560-hour internship, where you can connect with potential employers. With the aging Canadian population, the demand for caregivers is increasing, making it a great time to pursue a career in this growing field.


The Canadian government has announced a reduction in work experience required for caregivers to qualify for permanent residency. If you have friends interested in working in the Canadian healthcare industry, it is excellent news to share with them.


Please call us at 4163650505 or visit our website at


evergreencollege.com and fill out the Request form to ENROLL NOW!

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