We are thrilled to bring you the latest insights from the Canadian job market, highlighting key employment trends defining the future of work in this country.


Statistics Canada data for the first half of 2023 depicts a positive growth trajectory across all categories. There has been an overall increase in employment figures from 17,148.8k in February to 17,885.6k in June. Particularly notable is the growth observed in large establishments with over 500 employees, where the figures have risen from 2,769.3k to 2,866.2k in the same timeframe.


The healthcare and social assistance sector showcases a significant increase. Employment in this sector has risen from 2,015,661 in 2018 to an impressive 2,223,413 in 2022. Such a surge exemplifies the abundant opportunities available in this domain, reinforcing the relevance and value of our health-related programs.


When evaluating overall employment across all sectors, service-producing industries take the lead. These diverse industries encompassing sectors from trade and finance to healthcare employ the highest number of workers. We offer wide-ranging programs to equip you with the right skills for these industries.


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