A recent update from Statistics Canada’s October Labour Force Survey displays significant growth in specific sectors of the Canadian economy. This expanding job market presents compelling opportunities for current and future graduates.


Employment remained stable in October, with an increase of 18,000 jobs (+0.1%). This follows steady growth in previous months, with September adding 64,000 (+0.3%) and August with a rise of 40,000 (+0.2%). The consistency in employment growth suggests a resilient job market, a positive sign for those seeking employment.


The construction sector saw a notable increase in employment, with 23,000 new jobs, a 1.5% uptick. Similarly, the information, culture, and recreation sectors witnessed a surge, adding 21,000 roles, marking a 2.5% rise.


Health-care and social assistance employment remained stable for a third month, with an annual boost of 60,000 jobs (2.3%). Despite a steady job market, health care and social assistance vacancies in August remained high, unchanged from last year.


These trends demonstrate strong employment prospects post-graduation for our current students and recent graduates, especially those in health care, construction, or cultural and information sectors.


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