E-commerce continues to make strides in Canada, as shown in recent data by Statistics Canada. One-third (33%) of businesses in the country embrace e-commerce, a notable increase from 25% recorded in 2019. This ongoing shift represents a growing trend towards online goods and services.


These trends in online sales can be clearly observed across sectors. In the retail sector, the figure has doubled from 6.3% of revenue in 2017 to 13.6% by 2021. Within the electronics and appliances sector, the figure jumped from 26% in 2019 to 37.7% in the following year. Clothing and accessory stores, primarily located in shopping malls, only accounted for 10% of sales in 2018; that figure has surged to 25% in 2021.


These trends underscore a shift in consumer spending behaviours. This shift represents a fundamental change in how businesses operate with their consumers. Across the board, businesses of all shapes and sizes have seen increases in both e-commerce activities and sales volume. Small businesses in particular, are using the digital space to their advantage with 41% more businesses going into online sales compared to 2019 and witnessing an average increase of about 65% in sales from e-commerce.


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