Simply tell us where you are and win!

We are inviting you to participate in our first ever Instagram Contest “The Evergreen Vibe”.  Be sure to sign up and win!! Here are details on how you can participate.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate as long as you are currently studying at Evergreen College or you are an alumni of the college.

How to enter the contest

Entry is FREE!!  To enter the contest, you will need to send us a photograph of yourself in one of your favorite locations or a photograph of yourself doing something you really like and enjoy.  In the photograph you need to be holding a clear tag written #Evergreencollege.

Along with the photograph, you need to send us a caption with less than 100 words telling us what you like about the place or the activity you are doing in the photo.

You can send us your photograph on  Also include your name and program currently or previously studied at Evergreen College

How the contest will run

The contest will run for four days, from 3rd to 6th September 2021.  You will have from now until 31st August 2021 to send us your lovely photograph.  Out of all photographs received from contestants, 5 will be selected.  These 5 will be placed on our Instagram page for 4 days.  The photo that gets the most likes, wins the contest.  The results will be announced on Tuesday 7th September 2021.

Prize to be won

By simply sending us your photo with a caption on it, you get a chance to win the top prize of CAD 100.

Contest Rules and Regulations

  1. Only students and alumni of Evergreen College can participate in the contest and send photographs.
  2. Photographs from participant can only be sent through the specified email address
  3. All photographs must have a clear photo of the student or alumni holding a clear tag written #Evergreencollege.
  4. The photograph must have a caption with less than 100 words telling us more about what is happening in the photo.
  5. Participants must give their full names as well as what programs they are currently attending or previously attended at Evergreen College.
  6. Only 5 photographs will be selected and place on our Instagram page. The photographs will be selected based on the discretion of our panel.
  7. Voting for the photographs will take place over the 4-day voting period. Votes will be by number of likes.
  8. Winning will be based on number of likes per photo. The photo will the highest number of likes gets the top prize.
  9. In the event of a tie, the panelists will make a final decision on who wins.
  10. The winner will be announced on all our social media platforms and will be contacted by the Evergreen College marketing team.
  11. If the Evergreen Marketing Team is unable to get a response from the winner within 48hrs from the time the message is emailed to them, they will have to forfeit the prize.
  12. Evergreen college marketing team may revise the top prize or offer more prizes based on the number of responses received. Any new changes in prizes will be announced on all our social media platforms.



By sending your photo to our email you authorize its use on our social platforms and allow us to use it for our promotional purposes.

The photos that will be published on our Instagram page will be the 5 finalist photos chosen by a panel.

The sending of the photo does not guarantee any obligation of Evergreen College with the participant as well as the people who may appear by consent of the person.

For more information about the contest, our college and our programs please visit us at or follow us through our social networks on Facebook and Instagram @evergreencollege.

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