Canada has long been a beacon of opportunity, drawing talents worldwide and looking for promising futures. This magnetism is evident in the influx of non-permanent residents (NPRs), as indicated by recent findings from Statistics Canada.


The data reveals that those with a work permit are from the dominant segment of NPRs, making up to 40 per cent of the total. This is almost twice the proportion of those holding merely a study permit at 21 per cent. The younger demographic of NPRs is noteworthy; a striking 60 per cent of them are aged between 20 and 34, which starkly contrasts the 18.4 per cent of the overall Canadian population in the same age group.


Regarding education, NPRs showcase an inclination toward post-secondary. A commendable 47 per cent of NPRs aged 15 and above boast at least a bachelor’s degree, overshadowing the 26 per cent of the broader Canadian populace with similar academic backgrounds.


We stay current with these evolving demographics at Evergreen College, ensuring we remain welcoming to many, including NPRs. As we persist in welcoming diverse talents, such insights steer our efforts to cultivate a rich academic landscape.

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