Why choose Canada as your education destination? The quick answer is Canada is a safe, celebrated, and welcoming country that welcomes 200,000 plus students every year.  It’s a great place to make the most of your time in and out of the classroom.


Highly Respected, High-Quality Education


Canadian Colleges and Universities are ranked among the best in the world. Diplomas and certification are recognized internationally and valued by employers. Evergreen College is no exception; every program abides by government standards to ensure our programs are on par with any other Canadian institution.  Choosing Evergreen College is choosing the Canadian reputation for quality.


Schools like Evergreen College are also affordable especially compared to Schools in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. In keeping with the Canadian mentality of ensuring equal accessibility, tuition costs have been kept relatively low, including the price for international students. Want proof? Compare the price of any of Evergreen College’s programs to comparable programs offered by Colleges in the United States.


The national and city governments have also invested a lot in to community facilities. For example, all major Canadian cities have extensive networks of public libraries that are free and open to the public. A huge collection of books, free internet, and places to study; there is always a public library nearby to support your studies.


Plenty of community programs free and paid, are also available to help you connect with locals and make new friends. Sports, concerts, arts and music, there are plenty of inexpensive activities to keep your life in Canada exciting and engaged.


Welcome, Enjoy, Belong


Canada celebrates diversity; from coast to coast the country’s climates, cultures, and people differ greatly, but uphold the same values of respect, peace, and openness. Major urban centers like the Greater Toronto Area are incredibly multicultural, with people and communities representing every corner of the world. You can take a tour of the world’s culinary landscape just walking around downtown Toronto. Homesick? Your favourite recipe is just a subway stop away.


Being surrounded by so many people from all over the world, it’s hard to feel like an outsider. Canadians are welcoming because it’s the diversity that has brought so much flavour and character to Canadian life.


Need a break from the city? Want a place to enjoy the vast natural beauty of Canada? Hop on a train, bus, or rent a car, there are plenty of gorgeous parks, small towns and lakes to explore.


Safe, Healthy Living


Canada is safe, stable country; year after year Canada is ranked in the top ten most peaceful countries in the world. Government policies, programs in addition to excellent emergency and medical services work to protect everyone from harm and misfortune. Fast response times, excellent hospitals, in an emergency you’re in good hands.  For minor issues, Canada also has plenty of walk-in clinics, small medical offices with shorter wait times to see a doctor.


Go about your day knowing that there are plenty of good people at work making sure that you’re always safe, whether you’re going to a new restaurant, or taking part playing soccer in the park. You can spend a lifetime exploring Canada’s vast wealth of natural beauty.


Great prospects for the future


Constantly welcoming new residents, Canada is supportive and open to those who wish to make the country their new home.  After completing your program at Evergreen College many students who stay go on to work towards permanent residence status. If you’re interested the process and requirements are clearly outlined on the Government of Canada website and agencies are available to answer any questions.


Why stay? Well aside from Canada’s open, welcoming culture, Canada is a great place to start a career. A major developed economy with plenty of room for further growth and development. Strong labour laws ensure a fair system, and salaries are competitive. Staying in Canada makes sense because overall Canada’s standard of living is ranked one the highest in the world.


Finally, despite what you’ve heard, Canadian weather is actually pretty nice. In fact, unless you plan on buying a house you’ll avoid the one thing Canadians do complains about, shovelling snow.  If you’re thinking about studying abroad, send us an email or give as a call at Evergreen College. Our staff members have plenty of experience working with and assisting international students to make the most of their Canadian experience.

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