Canadian workplaces are becoming more diverse, with more women in scientific fields. According to data from Statistics Canada, women in scientific careers that require university education rose from 18% to 23%, while those in positions that require college grew from 14% to 21%.


This trend of growing female involvement wasn’t limited to scientific fields alone. Women’s representation in non-scientific roles also saw a rise. Those in university-level positions increased from 59% to 65% and in college-level jobs from 41% to 44%.


Immigrants dramatically contribute to this growth, particularly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). In 2011, 51% of all STEM degrees belonged to immigrants. Immigrant and Canadian-born women played nearly equal roles in boosting the number of university-level scientific workers, accounting for 13% and 14%, respectively. Similarly, immigrant and Canadian-born men contributed 34% and 39% to this increase.


Today, women are increasingly visible in various scientific roles, contributing their skills and expertise to Canada’s growing scientific sector. They are not only participating but also shaping the future of industries that are critical to our nation’s economic and technological advancement.


At Evergreen College, we are committed to nurturing this talent. Our programs offer students the skills needed to thrive in these sectors. We proudly foster a community supporting growth in scientific occupations. Stay tuned for more insights and stories!


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