Choosing the right college is a critical decision on your path to success. At Evergreen College, we’re committed to making this decision smooth and fulfilling for you.


Our admission process, optimized for efficiency, ensures you receive an express Letter of Acceptance within just one to two days, whether you’re an international or domestic student. This expedited process doesn’t sacrifice support quality. You will receive personalized assistance from our experienced admission counsellors, who will guide you through the admission process during one-on-one meetings, providing straightforward answers to your questions and equipping you with the necessary insights to make an informed decision.


Our location is a significant part of the Evergreen experience. Situated in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant financial district, you’ll have easy access to various restaurants and efficient public transportation. This lively downtown location provides a dynamic learning environment extending beyond the classroom.


Understanding the financial implications of higher education, Evergreen College is committed to offering affordable learning options. We proudly provide attractive scholarship opportunities, budget-friendly tuition, and a flexible monthly payment plan, making us one of the most affordable choices for international and domestic students.


At Evergreen College, we offer a diverse range of career-oriented diploma and post-graduate diploma programs spanning various sectors, including healthcare, business, and IT. This broad academic offering caters to different interests and career goals.


Choosing Evergreen College means partnering with an institution that values your academic journey and is dedicated to facilitating your future career success. We invite you to visit our admissions page for more information.


We’re excited to welcome you into the Evergreen College community and support your journey toward academic and career excellence!

Please call us at 4163650505 or visit our website at and fill out the Request Form to ENROLL NOW!

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