It is the time of the year again! Time to stock up on your favourite items. As a shopper, can you name some sales events in a year? It started with Black Friday. Followed by Cyber Monday. Then Christmas sales and last-minute sales. Finally, here we are in the week of Boxing Day week. Business is a fun world for those who love to bring new and exciting shopping experiences for shoppers.


According to Statistics Canada, Canadian businesses with five or more employees generated $398 billion in e-commerce sales in 2021, up nearly 30% from 2019 ($305 billion). This shows the online business world is a perfect revenue stream for everyone.


Canadian employers are looking for well-grounded marketers to help their brands. Marketers must always stay on top of their field to survive in a big-name company. If you are an online business owner, you must also catch up with online trends to keep your income growing. As an international student, there are many opportunities to get a marketing job while you are in college. Work on some projects, go for an internship, and little by little, you can get all the skills needed to get a high-paying marketing job after graduation.


Business in the Digital Era Program is a Post-Graduate Program where you will strengthen your core business skills. All learning modules are designed to enhance your business skills to the next level. For example, how to do robust research to provide customized sales plans for customers, generate more revenue and keep them happy.


Program information:

  • In 49 weeks, students will develop intensive skills in online business and practical work experience from a 200-hour internship with one of our strong companies in Canada.
  • The earliest start date is January 15, 2023


Please call us at 4163650505 or visit our website at and fill out the request form to enroll now!


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