Evergreen College is pleased to provide valuable information regarding Canada’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector and career opportunities within ICT. Over 45,000 companies are involved in Canada’s ICT sector, including over 40,000 in the software and computer services sector. Evergreen College has developed strong connections with employers to help students transition into their future careers.


Reports indicate that the average annual salary for ICT employees is over $89,630, significantly higher than the country average. The Government of Canada has also invested almost $50 million in the ICT sector.


Ontario is home to many ICT corporations, providing many job opportunities for students seeking rewarding careers. Furthermore, many immigration programs cater to ICT professionals interested in settling in Canada, making it an attractive destination for students seeking jobs in this field.


At Evergreen College, we offer a variety of diploma and postgraduate programs for students who aspire to pursue a career in technology. Our programs include a postgraduate diploma in Network Systems Engineering, Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing Diploma, and the Computer System and Network Specialist diploma program.


Stay up-to-date with exciting news and opportunities at Evergreen College. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you launch your career in tech.


Read more about the article here: https://ised-isde.canada.ca/site/digital-technologies-ict/en/canadian-ict-sector-profile


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