There is a great demand for skilled professionals in the early childhood sector, with full-time childcare continuing to be the leading service in the childcare industry.


Statistics Canada indicated that as of 2022– 81% of childcare centres, 94% of licensed home-based childcare providers and 76% of unlicensed home-based providers are focusing on providing full-time childcare services. This data reinforces the essential role of these services in rapidly growing provinces like Ontario.


There are 45,366 childcare service businesses across Canada, including centers and home-based providers. As of Spring 2022, 34% of childcare centers are searching for employees with Early Childhood credentials or training, and almost 90% of these centers experience difficulties filling these pivotal roles. The challenges include a need for more qualified applicants, insufficient work experience, and a scarcity of candidates applying for these critical positions.


According to the 2016 Census, nearly 2.2 million children under the age of 15—making up 37.5% of the total population of children—had at least one foreign-born parent. Fast- forward to 2036, and projections suggest that children from immigrant backgrounds could constitute between 39% and 49% of the total child population in Canada.


Evergreen College’s Early Childhood Assistant program offers opportunities for those interested in this important career. The program is grounded in core areas like early childhood development, program planning, and effective communication. The program combines theory with a 480-hour internship, giving you the experience to flourish in the field.

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