At Evergreen College, we are thrilled to help you navigate the exciting new avenues opened by the Canadian Government’s innovative Tech Talent Strategy. The program has rich benefits for digital nomads and tech professionals and has positioned Canada as an attractive global hub for skilled talent.


Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy is a government initiative designed to elevate Canada’s standing as a destination for tech talent. A key component of this strategy is the introduction of the Innovation Stream. This provision simplifies the immigration pathway for tech professionals with exceptional talent, offering them the opportunity to contribute to Canada’s thriving tech industries without the usual challenges of the visa process.


The strategy also introduces an attractive option for digital nomads—professionals able to work remotely from any corner of the globe. This initiative encourages such individuals to select Canada as their primary location. It simplifies the transition to working for a Canadian employer or applying for permanent residency should they decide to take a job offer from a Canadian company.


The Canadian Government is also refining existing programs that cater to workers in high- skilled tech occupations, which includes the Global Skills Strategy and the Start-up Visa Program.


Evergreen College offers a range of tech programs. These include our Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing Post-graduate Diploma, designed to tackle modern-day cyber threats and manage corporate cloud computing needs; our Computer System and Network Specialist Diploma, and our Network Systems Engineer Post-graduate Diploma for those looking to enhance their IT credentials. Each of these programs provides a solid theoretical foundation and practical experience.


Evergreen College is committed to providing unwavering support on this transformative journey. Our comprehensive programs align with these government initiatives and help you connect with employers across Canada. Let’s propel your tech career to new heights!


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